We want to create products of which we are proud of.

The compromise is the first step to irrelevance. With us, there is no B-variant of a product where cheaper materials are used or even features are omitted just to be cheaper and achieve higher profits

illimité stands for innovative design and highest standards.

With this philosophy we consider the complete process. Starting with the design, the choice of materials and the chain of suppliers - never compromise!

The root of our caps lies in cycling. Through our special approach we want to free them from their niche existence and make them fashionable.


Thomas is the founder of illimité.

He graduated from Köln International School of Design / KISD and as an advertising photographer with a great affinity for design and cycling he has the ideal background to give new impulses.

Adina - The girl in the back office

She takes care of the organization and the smooth processing of your orders here at illimité.