What's so special about your caps?

All illimité products are designed and produced with great dedication. We don't have striped down versions where details are left out or cheaper materials are used just to sell more products.
We founded the brand to develop less - but better products.

Quality over quantity.

Why only OneSize?

Due to the very elastic elastic waistband we cover most head sizes. Of course, there are also larger heads, but in practice the proportion is too small for a complete production to be worthwhile.

When will my order be shipped?

We usually ship the next day of your order.

Where do you ship to?

We ship world wide!
Due to numerous country-specific restrictions, however, it may happen that individual countries cannot be supplied or that the delivery time is significantly extended.

What does the shipping cost?

Germany - 5€ // free over 70€

Europe // free over 70€

CAPS - 7,00 €
BIDONS - 10 €

Non-EU // free over 90€

CAPS - 7,00 €
BIDONS - 15 €

International // free over 100€

CAPS - 8,00 €
BIDONS - 20 €

Where do you make your Caps?

Our caps, as well as all their components, are produced in Italy. The packing and shipping is done by us in Germany.

How to wash your Caps?

You can wash the caps at 30° in the washing machine. Best use a laundry bag so that the design does not rub against the drum. For light soiling we recommend the good old hand wash. Goes fast, uses less water and enhances the cap's life.


Please feel free to contact us: hey@illimite-boutique.cc